Birthday party Themes for kids

  1. Favourite cartoon character themed party:

    What can be more fun then dressing your kid as his or her favourite cartoon character and creating a replica of their favourite show in reality?  For example - you can bring a Doremon puppet while decorating your house with all his gadgets and have a Zian sing all aloud or a Sonio bragging every time and a Nobita causing trouble (that won't be too difficult to find). You can also create a chotta bheem theme with a rural setting as decoration or you can mix all his favourite cartoon characters and give him or her a perfect birthday bash that he or she will remember all their life. 

    1. Princess party for girls: 

      Pretty pink decorations with golden glitters, shades of pink dresses with twirling frills, a stunning tiara for the birthday girl,  disney princess poster all around, a short cardboard castle on the garden and a little magic of love. This will surely grant your daughter the best day as the world's best princess. 

    2. Game centre party for boys:

      Mini bay blade centre around the corner, a big couch and a PlayStation or popular video game on tv with lots of junk food (one day won't make them sick), a mini race car setup, a cricket game or any other game on the garden and lots of rewards for the winner. This all ideas will make your boy happy and it is not much expensive if you spend wisely, after all fun is in the little small moments.

    3. Fancy dress party:

      What do the kids do with the costumes after the school's fancy dress competition is over, they probably forget about it. But, you can make them use by making that as your theme. The kids can play dress up without worrying about the 1st prize. They can act like them and present a gift that their character would give. Be as creative as you want.   

    4. Camping party:

      This party is the ultimate sleepover your kid and their friends will be reminiscing about all their life. You can go out and set different camps and put on a bonfire. You can engage them with a treasure hunt or something. This idea will make children jump out in excitement upon hearing it, just make sure the place is safe and kids will find a way to have fun in their dreamy setting. 





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