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Birthday Party Ideas for the Lil Princess!!!

Its your Princess Birthday and you want to make it grand and special for your Lil Angel.However there is lot of work and preparation that goes in which can add to your stress. Below are few tips and Ideas about Birthday Party theme,Games and other preparations which will help you to plan for the special day. Theme and Decoration: The castle and the colour A giant cardboard cut, painted and placed as Elsa's ice palace or lots of balloon held together to form a wide royal entrance, castle can alone bring out the theme of the party. However, there is no need to go for big and real like castles. You can also go for small cardboard shaped castle and...

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Birthday party Themes for kids

Favourite cartoon character themed party: What can be more fun then dressing your kid as his or her favourite cartoon character and creating a replica of their favourite show in reality?  For example - you can bring a Doremon puppet while decorating your house with all his gadgets and have a Zian sing all aloud or a Sonio bragging every time and a Nobita causing trouble (that won't be too difficult to find). You can also create a chotta bheem theme with a rural setting as decoration or you can mix all his favourite cartoon characters and give him or her a perfect birthday bash that he or she will remember all their life.  Princess party for girls:  Pretty pink...

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