DIY : Making your own Bracelet

Adoring our daughters and dressing them into pretty attires is something that every parent looks forward to. From colourful fluffy frocks to embellished headbands, our daughters nail every look with sheer cuteness and elegance. But one way to make your little being of happiness more happy is by letting her assist you in making cool homemade accessories. In this post we’ll show you how to make these cute beaded bracelets for your daughter and her friends. These can be used as friendship bands or also as return gifts for your little ones’ birthday party.

For making these bracelets you will be needing the following things:

  1. Beads or fake pearls.
  2. Satin ribbons.
  3. thread or string.
  4. A needle.

To start making the bracelet take the string or the thread and adhere it to the needle with the help of a knot. You may want to double the thread to prevent it from breaking. Make sure this is not the usual stitching thread but a craft thread which is easily available at craft stores to avoid breaking. Now take about 7-8 inches of a satin ribbon, but you can use it according to your daughter’s wrist. After leaving about 1 inch of space, insert the needle from the back of the ribbon. Insert a bead here and place it tightly over the ribbon. The next step is to take the needle through the ribbon from the front side closest to the bead just inserted. This would result in the formation of a fold enclosing the bead from two sides. You are now supposed to repeat the same steps over an over again throughout the length of the ribbon leaving 1 inch of space at the end itself. After creating the final fold, knot the thread in the end and you are done! Tie it around your daughter’s wrist in a bow.

How to Make a Bracelet-DIY


The best thing about Do it Yourself fashion is that it involves your kids too and you can take it to the next level with your creativity. Happy DIYing!




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