Birthday Party Ideas for the Lil Princess!!!

Its your Princess Birthday and you want to make it grand and special for your Lil Angel.However there is lot of work and preparation that goes in which can add to your stress.

Below are few tips and Ideas about Birthday Party theme,Games and other preparations which will help you to plan for the special day.

Theme and Decoration:

The castle and the colour

A giant cardboard cut, painted and placed as Elsa's ice palace or lots of balloon held together to form a wide royal entrance, castle can alone bring out the theme of the party. However, there is no need to go for big and real like castles. You can also go for small cardboard shaped castle and place it on the food or cake table. You can also hang them above the ceiling or window or on trees in case of an outdoor party.

It is a false notion that a princess party should be decorated with pink and violet. You have various options, like going all black for maleficent theme party or blue and white for frozen fans. Whatever colour you choose, make sure to bring it as lively and vibrant as the kids.

Princess Castle

Games and Activities:

Fun Crafts:Frills and twirls: 

Give the little ones a frilly cloth to decorate it with paints, stones, glitters, laces and what not. Plan a small dress up wardrobe for them. Buy a bead set and instruct them to make bracelets or buy a nail art set and let them colour their nails. The more simple ways will be to give them clay and ask them to make anything they desire as a princess or give them a paint set and let them draw their Fun Games for Birthday Partyfavourite princess.


The missing Story Game:

Every fairy tale has some object that is vital for the princess, like there was Cinderella's shoes, Bella's rose, Snow white's mirror, Elsa's gloves and many others. Plan a game which involves finding this objects and thus choosing a winner. During the game, retell the stories to them so as to make it more fun and entertaining.

Story Game


Small cupcakes decorated with wand shaped candies, spinning wheel pasta salad, milk shakes with coloured straws, crown shaped cheese sandwich, ballerina pops and lots of chocolates filled in mason jars. This is the delicious description of the many ways you can spice up the food for your girls party. Although, make sure you have enough time to do all the presentation, and if not than I'm sure the food will still be all cleared up quickly.

Special Moments:

Amidst all the noises and mess, don't forget to capture the special day of your princess. So, tell all the little girls to pose and pout for their royal clicks. You can hire a professional photographer if you want, but it is not mandatory at all. Just hand this job to the bday girls daddy :)

Line up all the girls and make them do the Cinderella's anxious time-out expression or the dignified crown proud stubbornness and of course the twirling movements when all are dancing, enjoying, playing, eating and living their day without any worries and stress.


So, go get organised, collect all the glitters and throw the best birthday party wearing the most studded crown. After all, you are the queen of the party.

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